Community Partnerships Build Affordable Housing

A 2-Day Symposium: September 19 & 20

Let’s move affordable housing from “we need it” to “we’ve got it” by innovating sustainable neighbourhoods.

During this symposium convened by Habitat for Humanity WDG and facilitated by collaborative planning expert Dr. Rebecca Sutherns, presentations and breakout sessions will explore effective ways of forming community-driven partnerships to prioritize and create affordable housing. Stimulating thought leaders will deliver inspiring case studies and models that will be applied to our community through hands-on breakout sessions.

Community leaders will investigate ways to integrate and increase the capacity for affordable housing through mixed-income developments and organizational collaboration. Looking at a brownfield case study and beyond, we will establish a framework to realize the thousands of homes that our community needs.

We will turn our collective strengths into practical strategies to ensure that everyone can find an affordable place to call home in this beautiful and innovative community as it grows.

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