Volunteer Spotlight

We asked: “What do you like about volunteering with Habitat for Humanity ReStore?”

Here’s what our volunteers had to say:

Biljana started volunteering with us just a few months ago and already has made a world of difference!

We look forward to her weekly help as she brings a winning smile, a positive attitude, an extraordinary work ethic and a zest for life.

Dave has volunteered with ReStore for over 5 years! Dave likes that every day is different, “you never know what’s going to roll in”.  Dave says; “it’s nice to give back but it’s also nice to come in and have purpose, to get out of the house for a while and socialize with others”. Dave, John and Mick are more than just ReStore volunteers, they’ve become good friends.  Mick has volunteered for over 6 years and John 6 months.

Don is a new ReStore volunteer and says he likes the variety of work.  He’s “apprenticing” under ReStore Studio volunteer Dave and is enjoying watching and learning a lot from Dave. The ReStore is a great way to meet new people and build friendships that will last a lifetime.

Destiny is one of our ReStore co-op students. Destiny says she likes that she “gets to make a difference in the community” and that the ReStore is a “fun environment”.

Jackie likes doing hands on work at the ReStore and has fun learning different things.  Jackie says that knowing she is helping out in a way that she never thought she could before is really interesting.

Giacomo has been volunteering with Habitat for 10 years! Giacomo says he likes to volunteer because he “likes to help and make people happy”.  He also enjoys talking to people.