Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsor the Ultimate Habitat House Party to help us build homes, and build community.

We believe that the home is the foundation of a family’s future, and our newest build, Cityview Village is the foundation for future success. The success of these homeowners turns into Guelph’s success. How? Our community is improved by the market-value homes we’re building with the help of partners, donors and volunteers.

The foundation that affordable home ownership provides brings stability and strength to families and individuals, promoting a greater connection with their city, directly impacting to our communal social well-being. When we build homes, we build community.

Join us for this year’s Ultimate Habitat House Party where we’ll continue to build our community through the development of Cityview Village, and continue planning our next build in Dufferin. By supporting the Ultimate House Party, you provide a hand-up to a greater number of families and seniors who are building their futures through affordable home ownership.

Interested in sponsoring the Ultimate Habitat House Party? Contact Lisa to learn how you can partner with us on our journey to build community at lisa@habitatwdg.ca.