Tacoma Engineers – Taking Our Multi-year Corporate Partnership Program to the Next Level

For many years, Tacoma Engineers have supported Habitat WDG by lending their expertise on our build sites and participating in special events and other community engagement initiatives.

President, Mike Gilles has this to say, “At Tacoma Engineers, we all have a responsibility to be a supportive member of the community. We believe that Habitat for Humanity serves the community well in providing much needed affordable housing with a sensible, grass roots type of approach. Tacoma Engineers is a partner with Habitat because it provides meaning and purpose to the careers and lives of our team, and it gives us great pleasure in helping to build up our community”.

Not only did Tacoma’s team step up in 2013 by becoming our first Framing Partner in a newly created multi-year partnership program, but they also continue to lend their expertise on our builds. For four of the hottest days in September, 21 members of the Tacoma team framed the home at 297 Paisley Road! We are fortunate to count on Tacoma Engineers time and time again.