Habitat Home Services

What is Habitat Home Services?

Habitat Home Services is an affordable home-repair and maintenance service for families in Guelph and Wellington County. Our dedicated team will provide low-cost home improvements aimed to improve quality of life through affordable repairs, retrofits and renovations.

Our goal: To allow access to affordable renovations and home improvement services. We believe that everyone deserves a safe and decent place to live, and we’re committed to fitting everyone’s budget. If you are a low-income family or senior, we have created a reduced pricing program for you. Please refer to our program chart which outlines income thresholds for reduced pricing eligibility.

What we provide: Habitat Home Services addresses the challenges of finding reliable, trustworthy services for home repairs, retrofits and renovations. This program leverages a pool of skilled volunteers and tradesmen to perform top quality work. Recipients of the program are always guaranteed a fair price and high-value service.

Why support: The Habitat Home Services program aims to not only provide trusted contractor’s services to community members but also to enable us to build more homes. By charging modest hourly rates of service, we are able to cover our own administrative costs (travel, insurance, etc.) and any revenue generated above and beyond these costs is cycled back into our build fund, enabling more families to have the opportunity of safe, decent and affordable home ownership.  

Services offered:

  • General carpentry
  • Kitchen/bathroom cabinetry repair/renovation
  • General plumbing, HVAC and electrical fixture installation
  • Drywall installation and repairs
  • Interior/exterior painting
  • Installation of flooring (laminate and sheet vinyl)
  • Installation of attic insulation
  • General seasonal home maintenance
  • Vinyl siding repair and removal
  • Exterior pressure washing of home
  • Deck/porch/fence repair and maintenance
  • Fence & deck construction
  • Shed repair
  • Yard maintenance & clean up

We are happy to receive requests for services not shown on the list above.

Note: Habitat Home Services does not currently offer rough-in of electrical, plumbing or HVAC systems.

What it will cost:

Habitat Home Services cost is based on income level, with two pricing streams available.

Reduced Pricing Stream

  • Cost of labour: $50 per hour
  • Administration fee: $50 per $1,000 of total estimated project costs
  • Cost of materials: 10% mark up on estimated project costs
  • Travel cost outside of the City of Guelph: See chart.

Regular Pricing Stream

  • Cost of labour: $70 per hour
  • Administration fee: $70 per $1,000 of total estimated project costs
  • Cost of materials: 20% mark up on estimated project costs
  • Travel cost outside of the City of Guelph: See chart.

Habitat for Humanity Wellington Dufferin Guelph uses the Service Ontario high needs household income limit or “HILS” tables for Wellington County to determine eligibility for the Reduced Pricing Stream. These tables connect maximum annual household income to the size of your home.

  Size of your home  Maximum gross household income
2-bedroom homeNot more than $37,500
3-bedroom homeNot more than $40,500
4+ bedroom homeNot more than $50,000


  1. Your home has 3 bedrooms. Your gross household income is $40,000.
    You qualify to apply for Reduced Pricing Stream.
  2. Your home has 4 bedrooms. Your gross household income is $50,500.
    Sorry, we are unable to provide a Reduced Pricing Stream…but can happily assist you with our Regular Pricing Stream.

How do I start:

Apply for our Habitat Home Services online by completing the Request for Quote below.

     Note: Those residents looking for low-income pricing will need to provide an income statement for confirmation (previous year’s CRA notice of assessment). Income levels are calculated w/HILS table provided.

Once your application is received, our Habitat Home Services staff will contact you for a free consultation over the phone or visit your home and evaluate the scope of work required.

If determined that the work falls within our scope of services offered, our Habitat Home Services Staff will provide you a written cost estimate to complete the project, valid for 15 days.

As the homeowner, you will approve by signing the cost estimate, and return it to our Habitat Home Services staff member. In the event the property is a rental unit, HFHWDG requires written consent from the property owner and/or landlord prior to carrying out the improvements.

On receipt of a 50% deposit, the project will be scheduled, all materials ordered, and our team of experienced tradespeople will begin the work. Note: Estimates of $100 or less are to be paid in full as deposit.

On completion of the project, an invoice for the balance owing will be sent to you the homeowner, for final payment.

All payments can be made by email transfer or credit card.  Email transfer to homeservices@habitatwdg.ca.  Credit card payments can be made over the phone or through a link provided by Habitat Home Services staff.

Habitat for Humanity is a non-profit charitable organization. All profits from Habitat Home Services go directly into our home building fund. Along with quality work at competitive prices, you also have the added benefit of contributing towards someone’s dream of owning their own home.