Habitat & HiM- The Perfect Fit

Chantelle, Christian, and Tom along with their long line of Readers Choice Awards.
Chantalle, Christian, and Tom along with their long line of Readers Choice Awards.

World of Hot Tubs located on Woodlawn Road has been voted Guelph’s best hot tub store by “Readers Choice” since 2004! And the over 30 years of experience in the industry owners, Christian Gareau and Tom Marchuk bring is only part of the reason. A big factor in the success of World of Hot Tubs is the outstanding customer experience they provide – don’t be surprised when you are welcomed on a first name basis after your first visit!  “The after-purchase care our customers receive keeps them coming back time after time”, remarks Gareau.  “We care about our customers – we care about our community”. Their commitment to the community is so huge, they not only selected Habitat for Humanity in 2013 as their charity of choice and began the relationship by graciously donating a “wow-worthy” hot tub to raffle at the 2013 Ultimate Habitat House Party, but they have expanded their operations by opening the doors to HiM – Home Improvement Market. HiM has a large display room adjacent to the World of Hot Tubs where products mainly from local businesses are featured.  “We designed HiM to replace the pressure sales you’ll find at your typical Home Shows”, says Gareau. “Our team can help you with just about anything you need for your home – from Landscape, Swimming Pools, Sauna’s, Teak Furniture, to a great local Roofer or Awning specialist.”  World of Hot Tubs and HiM – your one stop shop for your home needs.

We had the chance to sit down with Gareau to learn more about HiM and their commitment to Habitat:

Habitat- Why did you decide to expand your operations to include HiM?

Gareau– “I wanted to create a complimentary business to World of Hot Tubs and increase our reach past the 18% of the population who may be interested in hot tubs. We are now equipped to serve anyone who is a homeowner. You might initially visit us because you’re looking for a hot tub but you’ll quickly find out that we can refer you to a great local business to help you fix your garage door for example and we’ll show you their product line at the same time from our HiM showroom. You will never have to worry about who to trust, we showcase the best businesses.”

Habitat- Tell us more about why you choose to support Habitat for Humanity in such a big way?

Gareau– “Since moving from Montreal, Guelph has been so good to me and it only feels natural to give back in any way that I can even if it may not be as easy for me to do so as it would be for a large corporation. I think the community realizes that we are just regular people trying to do something good. Habitat for Humanity is the perfect extension of what we do. Maybe a customer is planning on a kitchen renovation. We tell them about Habitat’s kitchen salvage program and make the referral to your ReStore. To us, it’s all about building up the community that has been so good to us.  Habitat and HiM are a perfect fit.”

Visit World of Hot Tubs & HiM Friday, April 25th from 10am to 7pm for their 1 Day Only Tent Sale! There will be a BBQ Fundraiser from 2pm – 6pm with Magic FM live on location. All proceeds from the BBQ to benefit Guelph ReStore!  Thank you World of Hot Tubs and HiM!