Gemini Homes- Meet Our Newest Multi-Year Corporate Partner!

Gemini Homebuilders’ focus is on low-rise, entry-level home buyers in higher density areas within the City. All Gemini homes are constructed to high standard specifications with emphasis on energy efficiency. “We are very proud of our homes,” says Jason Fabbian, President of Gemini Homebuilders. “The majority of our trades and suppliers are local”, he adds, “and this enables us to develop solid and lasting relationships within the community.” Gemini’s mission is to provide the best experience and quality final product for its clients and that has been proven over and over throughout the years.

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Jason Fabbian is a true leader, stimulating the culture of philanthropy at Gemini Homebuilders through example. He has spent countless Saturdays working at the ReStore in Guelph to help out in the receiving and shipping area as well as to help merchandise the floor. “I was amazed when I finally realized that this invaluable volunteer was actually the President of Gemini Homebuilders”, remarks Nico Pevy, Regional Manager, ReStores. “He was so humble and just got the job done in a quiet and efficient manner!” According to Jason, he wanted to demonstrate that the contributions by Gemini Homebuilders to Habitat WDG is not just monetary, but runs much deeper than that. Volunteerism is a perfect way to give back. Many of Gemini Homebuilders’ staff have participated on Habitat builds as well as helping out in the ReStore. Furthermore, back in 2009, Gemini Homebuilders’ partner company had previous involvement with Habitat in the Guelph area.  “We contributed towards a Christmas fundraiser by donating materials for a shed build that was auctioned by the organization”, remarks Jason. “Our company will actively support the new Volunteer Skills Building Program that officially launches in February as well as will help out on builds in addition to our financial commitment as a multi-year Corporate Partner”, states Jason.

As for Gemini’s future, they will keep growing in the Guelph area, but plan to branch out into other municipalities as well as continue with community involvement.